Paw-fect Pet Salon



  •  Services start at just $42 and vary
    depending on size.
    ALL Inclusive grooming - NO upcharge for extras!!

  •  Walk-in nail trims/grind NO extra charge just $10 each!

  •  Walk-in Baths are by size ($10, $15, $20, $25 and $30).

  •  Public Self-Wash - $10 per dog per hour. 
    We provide towels and professional dryer.
    Simply bring your pet's shampoo and we even
    clean up the mess!




We Offer:

Flea Baths

Shampoo and Conditioning

Ear Cleanings

Haircut and Blow-Dry

Nails (cut or ground/sanded) and Foot Care

Brushing and Dematting


Public Pet Wash

Call for more information or to schedule an appointment today! 330-726-2222