FAQ - 16,000 Square feet of FUN!

Do You Offer Any Discounts!


As a Disabled Veteran/Minority-owned business, Paying it forward for all you do!
10% off your stay with proper identification:

Military - Active, Retired and Prior Service.

First Responders - 

ANY Law Enforcement - 

Also, with a 14-day stay or more.
Last, Multi-Dog discount $29 reduced to $20 ($49)!

Why Choose Pet Lodge USA of Boardman?

There are many reasons why we are the best choice for your beloved pet! One of the biggest differences is that the Pet Lodge USA of Boardman provides the human interaction with your pet's which they will receive as an inclusive part of their stay. Where other places may look to upcharge for these services, we believe that your pet deserves as much of the attention here as they would receive at home. That is why they get taken outside at least 5 times a day (every 2 1/2 t0 3 hours) and get to go potty on a surface more familiar to them (k9 grass) and not concrete. We have 3 of the biggest play areas around for your pet to enjoy! Just visit our facility photos page and Daycare Tab.

We even have an overnight attendant that sleeps in the facility to ensure your pet's safety and are cared for. There are not many facilities that can make the same claims. We can accommodate any special request, give us a call or stop in for a tour today, NO Appointment is necessary.

Do I have to make an appointment before coming to see the boarding facility?

No, stop in any time during our business hours for a tour of our facility.

"You'll be glad you did!"

Monday > Saturday from 6:30AM am to Noon and 3pm to 7pm / Sunday 4pm until 7pm

Will my Dog be able to socialize with other guest dogs?

Yes, you can choose one on one playtime with us or socialize with other pets of the same size and temperament at NO additional charge.  Daycare is FREE with their stay.

Will there be an attendant on the facility 24 hours?

 YES of course! Safety, security, and peace of mind are so important to Pet Lodge USA of Boardman.  Just ask other facilities, your pet WILL be left ALONE!

Do I supply my pet with their food while they stay?

Yes, it is very unhealthy to suddenly change your pet's diet. Your Fur Baby will miss you, we don't want to upset their stomachs too!


If you do not bring your own food, we will get your brand and add to your bill.  If another facility is using their food, you must ask yourself why????  Most likely they have no way to store and organize the food and ensure proper feeding.  We can and do at Pet Lodge USA of Boardman! 

Can I bring my own bedding and toys?

Yes, if you want to bring bedding from home we encourage it! Also, you can bring toys and treats, anything you want to help your pet feel comfortable during his vacation.  However, we will supply bedding if you don't want to and if you get an exit bath for you Fur-Baby, we always wash their bedding too at no extra cost!  Everything goes home clean and fresh!

Will my pet be able to play outside?

Yes, we have 3 HUGE fenced in play area for your pets to safely RUN around and PLAY. Playtime is part of our all-inclusive price!  Others places might have yards but are they big enough to RUN and PLAY hard if they want???

Does my pet get its own suite to sleep in?

Yes, each pet gets its own very large, private 4" x 9" suite with their own TV! No face to face stress here!

If my pet needs medication when I’m away will that cost extra?

No way!  Caring for your Fur-Baby is ALL inclusive!  WHY would any place charge to care for you Pet???  Seem maybe to be ALL business and less on care... There will not be an additional charge to administer medications, however, if for any reason we run out and have to purchase additional meds the cost will be collected at the time of checkout.


Are there TVs in the lodging area?

Yes, there are TV’s in every single private suite so your pet can feel at home and at night time, they need their rest, TV's go off and radios go on with nightlights to add to their comfort.  "It truly is ALL about and for them!"

What if I don’t have time to drop off my pet?

Well, we have a wide range of hours to accommodate most schedules, however, we have a Pet Taxi service to help in any way possible. Check the details under our services.  

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