US vs Them... 16,000 Square feet of FUN!


US:  YES! 

As a disabled Veteran/Minority owned business, Paying it forward for all you do!
10% off your stay with proper identification:

Military - Active, Retired and Prior Service.

First Responders - 

ANY Law Enforcement - 

Also, with a 14-day stay or more.
Lastly, Multi-Dog discount $29 reduced to $20 ($49)!



Well, some charge outrageous prices and try to offer little side services or something for "free"...    Well, when you still end up way higher than the next place... easy to figure that out! 

How Long have you been in business?

US:      We have been caring for your Fur-Babies for 11 Years now!

Them:  Some, Not even a month...

What is your rate for Dogs? (and YES we care for Cats and MORE)

US:  ALL inclusive $29.00 - ($20 for the Second) NEVER an up-charge for ANYTHING!  individual flat screen TV in their suite! Daycare included with stay playing with the SAME size and temperament friends. Giving treats and administer medication ALWAYS included.


Them:  Some, as high $39... and seconds are as high as $35... (BIG city rates) different prices, different rates and even hidden costs/fees.

Will my Fur-Baby be left alone at night?

US:  OH Gosh... NO WAY!  "Owner" sleeps in the facility with your Fur-Babies!  Peace of mind for everyone! 


Them:  Sorry to say... YES they will be left ALONE! 

What if there are questions and/or concerns?

US:  We are family run business, Owners are always around.  No absentee owners here...


Them: Some are just run by managers, not owners...

What are the spaces like for my Dog to stay in?

US:  Great question!  Their spaces are very spacious (4 x 9 feet) and are made of masonry block walls with glass block at the top to maximize lighting along with Individual TVs in them. Our gates are vinyl coated micromesh and that is great because it allows for max airflow and easy of interaction by sound and touch even with the gates closed.  Pups LOVE it!  Walls are 6 feet high and lifetime epoxy coating.  The floors were prepared and coated with NON-Slip epoxy also! ALL surfaces are NONporous and that means max and easy to clean.  Each suite is independent of the others so no worry of cross contamination like other setups.  Each and every suite has its own floor drain.  With each suite independent, we hose, we spray foam sanitizer (Pet safe and best in the industry)  over 100% top to bottom of each suite, we scrub, we hose to rinse and then we squeegee dry! Let's see others try that...


Them:  Some have "Kennel" systems that are sometimes NOT tight to the floor (cross contamination to say the least) and in most cases, no way to give a thorough cleaning (like above).  Imagine, no floor drains and using spray bottles and rags... what if a dog has a big upset belly mess or can't hold their bladder?????  Also, some are even set up with glass doors, opposite the above...

How do you move my Dog around in the faciltiy?

US:  Another great question!  We are a leash free facility because we have space and great design but more importantly... the Dogs LOVE it!  Our suite layout along with our perfectly situated relief-yards allows us to let our guests out one at a time and direct them exactly where we want them to go.  They can RUN or WALK to the relief yard, either way, they are are not pulling, yanking or tugging and potentially hurting themselves and even getting more anxious and frustrated.


Them:  Well, if they are using leashes to move them from kennels to yards then it would be opposite the above... Think about it!

How are they play accomidations?

US:  Well... If you want you Fur-Babies to be able to RUN and put on a FULL RUN (if they want) and actually have room to play that will actually tire them out? Well then, we have 3 HUGE Double fenced in yards, over 8,000 Square feet (others have 25% of that) for your pets to safely run around and play in our supervised play yards that are by size and temperament!  doesn't make too much sense to have areas (inside or out) for dogs to just stand in, with NO real room to RUN and PLAY if they want.  By the way, playtime is part of our all-inclusive price!

Them:  Well others have "very" small yards and running, well... (like above) NOT an option in some cases.  If by chance you happen to look at other places, well be sure to pay attention to those things!

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